Humorous cartoon aside, stumps in the lake can be serious! Boats are damaged and people get injured because of unseen stumps every year. Sure, there is a place for them in the ecosystem, but navigation lanes, next to docks and the middle of recreational boating areas are not among them. Our STUMPBOATS are the solution for ugly, dangerous stumps:



Boat is pictured on Houston County Lake near Crockett, Texas in the summer of 2011 (yea, we've been doing this a while).

Our custom built boats can remove stumps from around your dock and along your approach channel, in shallow water or in the middle of the lake. This portable, self-contained, entirely from-the-water process, uses no divers and removes the stump to the lake bottom, or up to 12' below the water level- without disturbing the lake bottom or the shoreline!  We float the equipment in and float the stumps that float out.  We have cut stumps in water as shallow as a few feet and as deep as 80 feet.

A lake full of stumps or only a few; large diameter or small, this boat can handle them! Our boat is maneuverable and can operate equally well in fairly shallow (minimum 30") or in deep water.

  • Boat lanes
  • Navigation channels
  • Lake perimeters
  • Clear cutting
  • Ski/recreation areas
  • Around docks
  • Near ramps
  • On lakes, rivers or ponds are among the services we can provide.

Surveying the work to be done on Silver Lake near Bainbridge, GA

We will cut standing timber only if it is not very tall and we can do it safely.

In 2011 a drought griped Texas and lake levels were down several feet- the silver lining? Some people recognized that opportunity was knocking and called STUMPBUSTERS. No longer lurking inches below the surface, the dangerous stumps were standing proud and were easy to locate!

One property owner guaranteed us a hundred stumps and to email other property owners on the lake about our service. We made the trip to Texas and ended up working for nearly a dozen property owners, removing more than 350 stumps; property values improved and parts of the lake became safer for boaters, swimmers and skiers.  We made two return trips to that lake since that first one and left behind many happy customers; we can come to your lake too!

Fall/Winter 2011 - Lake Livingston, Onalaska, TX. The Trinity River Authority observed, examined, studied and scrutinized our operation and issued a license which allowed us to cut and remove stumps from the crown jewel of their river system. We cut stumps for several customers before the water began rising and they disappeared.

January 2012- We returned from our 4th trip to East Texas, for "encore performances" at Lake Conroe and Houston County Lake. Several hundred more stumps will cause no bodily harm or equipment damage...

Winter of 2015- Cut 1,000 stumps on a private lake in South Georgia for a ski area.

Summer of 2015- Cut approx 1,500 stumps on Lake Oconee.

Fall of 2015- Cut stumps for a property owner living on a neighborhood lake near Monroe, Georgia.

Fall of 2015- Cut stumps to create a boat lane at an Arkansas State Park.

  • We have a long (and growing) list of satisfied customers, so references are available upon request.
  • Please check out our FAQ and Gallery pages for more information, then call or email- I would welcome an opportunity to discuss how STUMPBUSTERS may be of service to you and your property.

Fall of 2016- Cut a 800 stump field on Lake Oconee. 

  • Our customer double checked our work using a drone.  We take very seriously our responsibility to locate and remove every one humanly possible!  The first two fields that were checked were cut a year ago when the lake was at full pool; today the lake is down about 3' due to drought, so the stumps outside of the cut zones (or any we might have missed) were standing tall and easy to see, along with any that had been lurking out of site (4-5' down) when the lake was at full pool.

October 2016- Cut an 1,100 stump field on Lake Palestine just south of Tyler, Tx.

  • Our customer/developer reports that prospective lot buyers are impressed with the stump-free water along their prospective water fronts.

November 2016- Removed stumps from a stumpy cove in Reynolds Landing on Lake Oconee.

  • returned to Arkansas to extend the boat lane started in October of '15;
  • Cut stumps in a cove on Lake Oconee for a campground.

December 2016/ January 2017- Cut more than 1,000 near the Redlands boat ramp on Lake Oconee.

Traveled to Lake Lanier and cut stumps hindering a floating boat dock.

August of 2017: The boat and crew were in New Jersey cutting more than a 1,000 stumps from the shallow waters of Greenwood Lake.

2018: We cut stumps in Oklahoma and made a return trip to New Jersy on stump cutting missions.

March 2019: We cut 1k stumps for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at 3 fishing ponds on a South Georgia Wildlife Management Area.  Lake levels were actually about a foot above normal when we did this job, so very few were visible to the naked eye.  Fishermen now have easier access to around on these ponds.

April 2019: Cut 250 stumps on a private lake near Sandersville, Ga, then traveled to Lake Blackshear near Cordele, Ga, where we dispensed with 97 stumps for a property owner seeking safer access to deeper water.

September 2019 The Sabine River Authority came calling and asked for a 1k stump demonstration on Toledo Bend in East Texas.  The job was completed in 6 days on stumps we could not see!  On the return trip to GA, we stopped off at Lake Claiborne in Northern Louisiana and cut 100 stumps for a customer around his dock.

October 2019:  The Sabine River Authority called again and this time we cut almost 2k stumps in less than two weeks.

November - December 2019: Georgia Power needed 2k stumps cut from navigation lanes on Lake Oconee near Eatonton, Georgia.

2020: The global pandemic has not slowed us down, we are an essential business. By the end of August we've traveled to Arkansas and Texas working on navigation lanes.  At this juncture we've cut more than 3x the number of stumps in 2020 than any year prior. 

Our equipment and process continues to improve.   Back when we first started, 30 stumps a day wore out my crew; during a recent 30 minute span in a thick field we cut more than that, that is what I call progress!

Have a really big job?  We have the ability to put two boats and two crews on it if needed.



Have several thousand stumps needing to be cut?  We now have the ability to put two fully capable boats on the task.

Note: If you don't hear from me within two days, assume I did not get your message and please try again- I promptly return calls and messages. 

Mark Johnson 706-255-6131; stumpboat@gmail.com  or siltbusters@bellsouth.net.

I tell my guys: What we do saves lives!  We may not know whose life we're saving and they won't know either, but what we do saves lives!

Two stories, one sad and one that could have been sad, illistrate the point.  One property owner we worked for in the last year told us the people they purchased the house from had a son dive in the water and become scewered on a sharp stump.  They never moved into their new house. 

Another customer had us clear the stumps around his dock where his young children like to jump into the water.  Two of the stumps we cut popped to the surface.  They could have been spears they were so sharp.  They were small diameter, very sharp and rose several feet from the bottom, but were firmly attached and lie in wait.  I am so glad we got there before a disaster happened. 

The stumps we cut will never destroy a motor or boat and certainly won't allow anyone to become impaled on them.


Some boater had a bad day!



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