Shallow water is not a problem until you climb in your boat and can't go anywhere, or want to install a boat lift but don't have enough depth to make one work. 

Dredging is simply the process of making shallow water deeper.  

  • With our equipment, we can prepare an area for jet ski lifts, dredge around a dock, or make the water deep enough for a boat lift.  We can also dredge a deeper approach channel or turn-around for your boat(s).  
  • Because this equipment floats, no big, heavy machine is driving around tearing up your shoreline; because it can pump the material inland, there is no need to make a messy pile a few feet from the water’s edge.  This is the neatest, cleanest way to do a really messy job!


Many times, with some basic information and the assistance of the internet, we can provide a "round number estimate" over the phone, but a site visit will be required before a firm contract is drawn up. The following questions will need to be answered before a job can be quoted:

  • What is the approximate length, width and depth of the area to be dredged?
    • We will do the measuring, but will need general instructions. Start this process by helping us understand what your goal for the finished job.

  • How hard is the bottom? Is it primarily soft sediment, or hard pan? Where is the nearest best place to pump the silt? Is there a place it can be used on site, or must it be hauled away?
    • Depending on its composition, once it dries, this material may be suitable to spread on the yard or improve the soil on a garden spot or a flower bed; it could also be used for fill around a building, a retaining wall or a seawall; it could also fill in that pesky gully out in the woods. We have also made a lot of it simply "disappear" by spreading it in natural areas and covering with ground cover. If you have no place for it, it can be hauled away.


We are the only company in the country advertising the ability to dredge and cut stumps from around your dock!

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